Where did the brand name The Hip Hat come from? The Hip Hat

Where did the brand name The Hip Hat come from?

The Hip Hat is a powerful name brand for several reasons


Finding the perfect name for a brand can be an intimidating task. Many questions arise as we dig deep into our minds and hearts in the search for the perfect hat business name to give our newborn brand. 

After all, fashion entrepreneurs and creators (or any entrepreneur, for that matter) want to create a unique brand including its name. This creation needs to express and transmit, in its sounds, in its words, in its visuals, everything that the brand is about. Admittedly, not an easy position to be in.

Nevertheless, creativity is creativity, and creators will always be creators. Add to that a pinch of business savviness, entrepreneurial drive, and a strong commitment to succeed, and suddenly the engines start to roar. 

So, how did we come up with our fantastic brand name: The Hip Hat? 

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, and whenever we have recounted our story, once we decided to embark on this wonderful enterprise, we needed to come up with a fantastic and unique brand name (if we may say so), capable of conveying our personalities, our heritage, the message we want to deliver through our high quality and sustainable products, all while being clear, descriptive, easy to remember and have a fun and almost playful sound.   

We worked on a fun and very productive brainstorming session. Many name ideas came up and were thoroughly analyzed. Some were very classic, some were too descriptive, some were extremely narrow, and others were as broad as the ocean. Little by little our efforts began to take form.

Our fashion hat business brand craved a fun, short, colorful, attractive, intense, and descriptive word in its name. The word "Hip" was our ultimate winner as it transmits all that The Hip Hat is: sophisticated, chic, contemporary, cool, hot, modern, new, smart, trendy, current, latest, all the rage, faddy, in style, modish, popular, among others! 

Even though we have surprising and exciting plans to expand our wonderful sustainable and handmade accessories selection very soon (more information to come very soon), Panama Hats began as The Hip Hat's flagship product, hence the word "Hat". Panama Hats are not only toquilla straw hats. Panama Hats are inspirational hats. Panama Hats are exquisite works of art. Panama Hats are the result of a beautiful artisan having worked tirelessly to produce one amazing fashion accessory to stand the test of time. 

And so this is how the brand name The Hip Hat came to be. The Hip Hat is a powerful brand name. The Hip Hat is hard work. The Hip Hat is a commitment to sustainability. The Hip Hat is a pledge of high quality. Last but not least, The Hip Hat is a synonym for accountability and responsibility to create a positive social impact, particularly the empowerment of women. 


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