Sisters and business partners, Irene & Elena, both professionals and moms, found themselves on similar personal journeys as they felt strong desires to collate their professional growths and career paths with their roles as mothers and wives.

They had deep conversations about wanting and needing to be successful professionals, contribute to society, feel fulfilled as individuals, and be happy mothers and home makers at the same time.

They came up with what they profoundly believe to be a winning formula. They decided to build their own enterprise, and that is how The Hip Hat was born. The Hip Hat is more than a business. The Hip Hat is a life path for two women who are elevating their own needs to become the best professionals they can be while being the best mothers they can be, all while working directly with other women with similar needs and desires.

The Hip Hat is not only a shop. The Hip Hat is home to timeless handwoven Panama Hats. The Hip Hat is a unique place where luxurious, environmentally, and socially consciously crafted products are mutually inclusive.