Sustainable Fashion Accessories by The Hip Hat will help you cheer up! The Hip Hat

Sustainable Fashion Accessories by The Hip Hat will help you cheer up!

Sustainable Fashion Accessories by The Hip Hat will cheer you up!

Have you ever thought about small things that have the power to cheer you up, keep you warm, and help you rethink the change of season in a way that might put a  smile on your face? Sustainable fashion accessories by The Hip Hat, that’s what.

Here at The Hip Hat, we are not about blink-and-you-missed-it trends. We think about you, we think about our partner artisans, and we think about the environment. Here at The Hip Hat, we think about allowing you to sagaciously choose pieces that you will wear for years and classic looks that you may already have in your wardrobe that simply need revisiting, or a special accent to make a comeback. 

We want to share with you a short guide to our newest products to lift your mood, boost your thermostat (when needed), and keep your wallet happy while you're at it.

As you know by now, we have recently launched a new-season collection, our Fall Collection. Our focus when we debut new products is always to create products that will make your fashion choices work hard to support and cheerlead you. When launching new products, we also give color a prominent role as we all know that color is one of the most powerful tools in feel-good fashion.

Our new collection plays with an array of colors: from the traditional fall classics seen in our Beige Large Brim Wool Hat, Black Large Brim Wool Hat, Brown Large Brim Wool Hat, and Gray Large Brim Wool Hat, as well as in our extra long wool scarfs and wraps; to lively reds, yellows, oranges, greens, blues, and more, as seen in all of our fabulous natural straw earrings, tagua earrings, and bracelets

But truly, the right color to wear is the one that makes you smile when you look at it – simple as that. Orange and yellow, longer-wavelength colors, send a message telling your brain to be sociable and lively: try our newest earrings; blue and green, shorter-wavelength colors, will steer you toward calm: try some of our previously launched earrings and even our fabulous one of a kind colorful straw hats

Another valid fashion and color option is to lean into traditional rich autumn shades, as these will look chic year after year. Try any of our white or natural straw hats, which will be in style always, season after season. Because the truth is that at this time of the year, when the temperature can go up as well as down, the best outfits are all about layering. Well-made, work-hard pieces like those offered by The Hip Hat can invigorate your look, boost your confidence, and add some much-needed cheerfulness.

Always keep in mind those good fashion accessories that work on their own, but can be also layered up and combined with other pieces, will always be useful multi-season buys.

Happy shopping at The Hip Hat! 

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