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The Hip Hat


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Calypso Panama Straw Hat 

The Calypso Original Panama Hat by The Hip Hat has been tightly handwoven by expert artisans in Ecuador using only natural and sustainable toquilla straw. Toquilla straw is a renewable natural resource made from young toquilla palm fronds that are harvested without harming the main tree.

The Calypso Original Panama Hat is an iconic headwear style crafted by hand from genuine Ecuadorian Toquilla straw, using ancient weaving techniques. 

The Calypso Original Panama Hat is a unique headwear piece embodying timeless sophistication, lightness, comfort, and style; all while representing sustainability, artisanry, and history. 

  • Beautiful and tight herringbone-like weaving pattern throughout the hat, known as the "Llano" weave, providing UPF 50 + UVA / UVB sun protection.  The "Llano" weave provides a densely woven structure, which produces a durable and smooth surface throughout the hat. Because of its intricate design, Original Panama Hats produced using the "Llano" weave take longer to finish.
  • Indented and slightly pinched at the front with a rounded water drop-shaped crown.
  • 2.3" to 3" brim (brim size depends on hat sizing) and a 4.3" crown.
  • Elegantly enhanced by a color grosgrain ribbon band and an inner cotton sweatband. 
  • Shipped and delivered in a specialty and custom-made hat box appropriate for travel and storage.
  • 100% Hand-made with toquilla straw.

Each Original Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is handwoven. As a result, products may have subtle variations from one piece to the next, caused by variations in the toquilla straw as well as the handcrafting. Slight variations may include measurements. Please be aware that original Panama Hats are one-of-a-kind creations and not factory manufactured making your purchase special and truly unique.