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The Hip Hat


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Handcrafted with Love: Tagua Nut Bracelet

The Heart-Shaped Tagua Nut bracelets by The Hip Hat are made from the seeds of the Tagua Palm tree, also known as the "vegetable ivory". The nuts are collected and processed by hand, then carefully carved into beautiful heart-shaped charms. The resulting bracelets are not only stunning, but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

The unique and intricate designs of each bracelet and the Tagua Nuts used make them a truly special and one-of-a-kind piece. The heart-shaped charm is a timeless symbol of love and makes for a meaningful and sentimental statement.

Style - Individual or stackable bracelets

Charm Material - 100% Tagua Nut

Dimensions: 1.2" (3 cm) per charm, approx 10 charms in each bracelet.

Other details: adjustable stretch bracelets for a perfect fit.

Each piece by The Hip Hat is handcrafted. As a result, products may have subtle variations from one piece to the next, caused by differences in the natural material as well as the handcrafting. Slight variations may include color and measurements. Please be aware that every hat by The Hip Hat is handcrafted and not factory manufactured making your purchase special and truly unique.