Panama Hat Care


The Hip Hat wants to give you all the tricks and hacks to properly care for your Panama Hat so that it will keep its gorgeous form, color, and texture for years to come.

Follow the next Panama Hat care instructions: 

1. Handling

For your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat to maintain its gorgeous shape make sure to handle it by cupping the crown with an open palm or from the brim. It is highly recommended to avoid pinching it by the crown.

2. Resting

When resting your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat, avoid placing the brim of the hat on a surface that could potentially damage the brim.

Your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat should never be rolled.

3. Storage and Travel

The best way to store your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is in the original hatbox provided to you when you purchased your hat. Your hatbox by The Hip is perfect for your Panama Hat to be kept away from direct sunlight and moisture, and its brim can be supported to preserve its shape.

If you travel, ideally you should bring your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat with you in its original hatbox. If not, make sure that your Panama Hat is not placed under heavy items that may damage it. 

4. Rain

Do not wear your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat in the rain. Toquilla straw is a natural fiber and will withstand light moisture, however, heavy rainfall will cause the hat to lose its shape and possibly be permanently damaged.

5. Cleaning

Avoid oil, ink, cream, and/or any other semi-permanent substance to stain your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat. If such a situation would occur, try to remove the substance as quickly as possible before they are absorbed into the fibers. 

Clean any spots using a damp cloth with very mild soapy water or a wet wipe using gentle strokes following the grain of the fibers. Do not use chemical cleaners. Pat dry and allow the Panama Hat to dry naturally. 

If you follow these Panama Hat care pointers, your hat by The Hip Hat will remain in tip-top condition through time.