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The Hip Hat loves 2022, and so should you! Now you can buy Panama Hats online!

You can easily find original straw Panama Hats online at The Hip Hat

At The Hip Hat, we believe that our customers deserve to know as much as possible about the store from which they are buying, and also that their shopping experience should be pleasant, easy, and fun. So, as the new year is upon us, we are happy to share with you our current work and goals for this trip around the sun. The Hip Hat loves 2022 and so should you because now you can buy Panama Hats online! 

In the long term, The Hip Hat will continue to create brand awareness. The Hip Hat wants to become the brand associated with Panama Hats in the United States.

The Hip Hat will also maintain a steady pace to grow as a business while promoting the amazing Panama Hat in the US market. We will persist towards boosting sustainability within the fashion industry and will continue to advocate for diversity, generosity, fairness, and human connections.

To do so we will continue to inform whoever may wish to lay their hands on this knowledge, about the sustainable toquilla straw used to hand-weave Panama Hats, and also about the hand process and artisans involved in making each single unique Panama Hat. 

During this year, The Hip Hat also wants to promote a shopping atmosphere that will allow our customers to feel that they are a part of positive change when it comes to shopping for exquisite fashion accessories. 

This goal we plan to achieve by providing transparent, honest, and opportune information on our original Panama Hat Collections, the materials used, the people involved in the process, etc. 

In the short term, The Hip Hat is thrilled to announce the launch of a new and improved storefront where our customers will be able to shop in a more efficient and user-friendly way.  

Also, The Hip Hat has launched its latest colorful collection! It is available now for shopping! We hope and plan to be able to add more collections to our store as time passes by! 

We want to thank our customers for supporting The Hip Hat. Your presence in our shop and in every blog post we share is enormously appreciated. We also need to profess our eternal gratitude to the incredibly skilled weavers who create our fantastic Panama Hats.

We are amazed by the slow fashion movement which opens up spaces and gives a voice to new brands like The Hip Hat and sustainable fashion products like the original Panama Hats by The Hip Hat.

Our goal is and will always continue to be to deliver top-quality exquisite environmentally sustainable products while honoring, recognizing, and respecting human craftsmanship. 

We are ecstatic and enthusiastic to continue down the entrepreneurial path we have chosen and hope that you will come along and keep us company by wearing one (or many) of our original Panama Hats, wherever you may be.

Cheers to The Hip Hat and cheers to you! 


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