How much do Panama Hats cost? The Hip Hat

How much do Panama Hats cost?

How much do Panama Hats costs? Find it here! 

We know, Panama Hats can be perceived as expensive hats, and to be bluntly honest, some original Panama Hats are indeed very expensive. Many expensive hats, including Panama Hats, can be sold for thousands of dollars, needless to say, hundreds of dollars.

And to respond to our question, no, The Hip Hat does not sell the most expensive Panama Hats but it does sell the best Panama Hats at affordable prices. Panama Hats do not need to be expensive hats. 

So here are two questions that remain unanswered: why are original Panama Hats expensive? and, why does The Hip Hat sell Panama Hats at affordable prices?

Many factors influence the price tag for each single Panama Hat.

First, let us make one initial differentiation regarding Panama Hats and prices and what makes them expensive hats compared to others in the market. Not every "Panama Hat" offered in the market is an original or authentic Panama Hat. Hats may be called or referred to as "Panama Hats", and sold at cheaper prices; however, if a Panama Hat is not handwoven in Ecuador with toquilla straw, then it is not an authentic Panama Hat. More likely than not, these hats are imitations, they are mass-produced in factories, and use different types of cheaper materials.

Now, let's focus our attention on authentic Panama Hats and their market prices. 

Panama Hats come in different models, types of weaves, and tightness of weaves. Nonetheless, all Panama Hats, no matter what, are handwoven, they all use toquilla straw, and they are all the result of an artisan process from beginning to end. Each single Panama Hat is unique, there is no other like it, as it is the result of an Ecuadorian artisan weaving the toquilla straw and turning this work into a beautiful straw hat. 

The entire process to create one Panama Hat can vary widely depending on the quality of the hat. Some hats may take weeks, others somewhere between one to three months, while others can take much longer, years even. No matter the amount of time invested to create just one hat, a great amount of work, skill, and sustainable straw goes into this millenary craft. 

This complexity is the key to Panama Hats being expensive hats if they are compared to any other hat in the market. Some sellers may indeed sell some Panama Hats at a higher price point than others, but in general, a Panama Hat will always be a more expensive hat compared to others that are more common or industrially fabricated. The quality, however, is not comparable. 

Why is The Hip Hat offering authentic and fabulous Panama Hats at affordable prices? The answer is simple. The Hip Hat is on a mission to make this elegant and very fashionable, yet practical and sustainable accessory, affordable and accessible to everyone! We don't believe that sustainable fashion needs to be unreachable, on the contrary, we believe it should be widely accessible.

Yes, the price point of a straw hat, also known as Panama Hat, by The Hip Hat is and will always be higher than that of hats sold at department stores. The thing is, it is a completely different product. You cannot compare one to the other. If you need to do a comparison in terms of price and quality, look at high-end hat brands. Only then you will see the difference. 

Once you lay your hands on a finished Panama Hat by The Hip Hat, once you put it on and wear it, and once you fall in love with it, you can quickly see that they are worth every dollar of its fair price. They are pristine, elegant, sophisticated, cool, well-built, strong, and all-around fabulous! 

Panama Hats by The Hip Hat, are handwoven entirely by Ecuadorian artisans with toquilla straw. They may cost more than other hats, but that does not mean that our Panama Hats are expensive hats. Our prices reflect the work, the artisanry, the material, the history, and the love behind every single unique hat.  

Here at The Hip Hat, we believe that Panama Hats deserve to be known, appreciated, bought, and worn. We believe that our customers deserve the opportunity to own at least one Panama Hat without breaking the bank. For this reason, Panama Hats by The Hip Hat are sold at fantastic prices. Here at The Hip Hat we want you to own one of our hats and are working tirelessly to make it happen. 

Happy shopping for your Panama Hat






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