Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry by The Hip Hat The Hip Hat

Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry by The Hip Hat

The Hip Hat is a sustainable and ethical jewelry brand! 

In times when so many of us are invested in protecting our environment, not only for ourselves but for future generations, it is paramount to take a look at sustainability when shopping for jewelry pieces. 

What does sustainable jewelry mean exactly? Sustainable and ethical jewelry brands create their jewelry using materials that have been sourced in the most ethical and socially-responsible way. That means the materials used to craft the jewelry pieces are free of any conflict or questions of origin and maintain a low environmental impact.  With sustainable fashion accessories, including jewelry, organic and natural materials are used, working conditions are fair, and pollution emissions are kept as low as possible.

Sustainability begins with the material, or better said, the raw material with which a piece is made. The Hip Hat uses two specific sustainable materials for its gorgeous and unique accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more: toquilla straw and tagua nut. 

Toquilla straw is a renewable natural resource made from young toquilla palm fronds that are harvested without harming the main tree. The plant scientifically known as "Carludovica Palmata" measures approximately 5 to 6 feet from the ground up. The stems cultivated to be used in the art of weaving hats are known as "buds" and they need to be harvested around 3 years after seedling. Only expert harvesters know the right time to harvest the necessary buds. If the plant is too young, it will not provide enough material to produce the toquilla straw for the weaving process; but if the plant is too old, its quality will not permit the straw to be maneuverable in the required way. 

Tagua Nut, also known as vegetable ivory, is a seed that comes from the "Phytelephas Macrocarpa" palm tree, a palm tree that only grows in the tropical rainforests of the South American Pacific coasts, including Ecuador. Tagua nuts are harvested by either being picked up from the ground after they have fallen from palm trees and forest animals have taken care of the shell, or harvested when ripe and the shell is manually removed. 

What else can shout "slow fashion" louder than pieces of jewelry that require such a peculiar and special relationship with nature, and such a delicate process only to obtain the raw material with which it is made? Now add to this the unique ancestral hand-weaving art that results in each single straw earring, or the art and craftsmanship required to make every piece of a Tagua Nut accessory.

Luckily, some brands, including us, The Hip Hat, are seriously committed to overturning "fast fashion" trends by producing timeless designs, and premium, long-lasting quality pieces. 

The Hip Hat is a purpose-driven brand. We are serious and honest about sustainability, transparency, and fairness. We believe in designing, producing, and selling unique, very special, handmade with natural raw materials jewelry pieces. 

The Hip Hat is a happy rider of the "slow fashion" movement wave, and if you wear a sustainable jewelry piece by Panama Hat by The Hip Hat, so will you! We are about creating mindful, curated collections based on quality finishes. We encourage our customers to be more thoughtful and intentional about their fashion accessories - and choose pieces that will last a long time in their wardrobe.

Happy Shopping! 


The se products are beautiful!

Irene Donoso

Beautiful products!

Irene Donoso

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