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Straw Hats for Men

Panama Hats are magnificent straw hats for men

Panama Hats are the perfect straw hats for men. These beautiful headwear pieces handmade in Ecuador with sustainable toquilla straw represent the consolidation of elegance, timelessness, quality, fit, and comfort. What else can you ask for? 

The origins of the authentic straw Panama Hat take us to Ecuador. Panama Hats are made in Ecuador and always have been. If you are in the market for a true Panama Hat, you need to make sure it meets three criteria. First off, it needs to have been made in Ecuador. Second, it needs to have been hand-woven and not mass-produced. Third, it needs to have been hand-made entirely with toquilla straw.  Toquilla straw is a natural fiber that comes from a palm-like plant that has the scientific name “Carludovica Palmata.” This wonderful plant has green and spiky leaves. This plant, which is endemic to Ecuador, grows throughout the tropical coastal province of Manabí and is used to make the authentic toquilla Panama Hats.

Panama Hats come in different models, types of weaves, and tightness of weaves, size of the brim and crown. Nonetheless, all Panama Hats, no matter what, are handwoven, they all use toquilla straw, and they are all the result of an artisan process from beginning to end. Each single Panama Hat is unique, there is no other like it, as it is the result of an expert artisan weaving the toquilla straw and turning this work into a beautiful straw hat. 

Panama Hats, as fantastic as they are both in their origin and their look, are the ideal headwear for men. They provide impeccable and comfortable coverage of the head and face while adding a little " je ne sais quoi" to any masculine look. 

Toquilla straw hats, or Panama Hats, whichever name you prefer calling them, could not be any better of a summer straw hat for men. As already mentioned, due to their wide brim, these straw hats for men keep the top of the head, the face, and the neck covered from the sun,  they are comfortable and have a great fit, and last but not least, they are light and breezy, allowing for the covered area to feel fresh during the hot season. Add to the latter that these wonderful straw hats are classy and elegant, which results in practicality and sophistication, all in one accessory. 

If you are in the market for a summer straw hat for men, you are in the right place and The Hip Hat has your back! Come over to our shop to browse our amazing selection of Panama Hats: Classic Fedora, Calypso, or if you are feeling a little adventurous, check out our Black Fedora, Terracotta Fedora, or Fuchsia Fedora.

To make the deal even better, every Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is priced extremely competitively (just compare prices!) and is shipped in a complimentary hat box perfect for storage and/or travel. 

Anxious to get your hands on a summer straw hat for men by The Hip Hat?... Here it goes!



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