Panama Hats by The Hip Hat are great Sun Hats The Hip Hat

Panama Hats by The Hip Hat are great Sun Hats

Every Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is the perfect sun hat

What is a sun hat and what is the purpose of a sun hat? Do sun hats have the sole function of protecting their users from the damaging effects of sun exposure? 

Sun hats aren’t just made to offer protection from the blazing sun (or even cover up a bad hair day); instead, they’re meant to shine as the star of any outfit! 

As spring is upon us, and plenty of sun-drenched days are ahead, it might be useful and recommendable to add some stylish protection from those sun rays. You might want to consider topping off your spring and summer fashion looks with one of the best sun hats of the season: The Panama Hat.

The Panama Hat topper is not only a chic and sustainable accessory, but it is also a way to keep the sun out of your eyes and your skin. Straw hats such as the toquilla straw hats by The Hip Hat, with a tight weave, will allow very minimal sunlight to come through and will provide excellent sun protection. The original, genuine Panama Hats by The Hip Hat are light, soft, and protective. Each one of the Panama Hats by The Hip Hat has been handwoven in Ecuador with natural fibers of the Toquilla Plant, representing centuries of tradition in hat-making and sustainability. Now add to that excellent sun protection! 

Feel free to sport a Panama Straw Hat by The Hip Hat for a day at the beach, for an afternoon of gardening, when going for a walk in nature or the city. Hanging out with friends on your deck? Do it in mega-style by wearing a fabulous Panama Hat by The Hip Hat! Panama Hats by The Hip Hat offer relaxing and classic styles that are easy everyday wear. Each Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is perfect for everyday life.

Additionally, and whether you’re staying local or beginning to travel again this season, you don’t have to worry about stuffing a stylish Sun Hat into a suitcase to protect yourself from the sun. The Hip Hat has your back! Every single Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is packed, shipped, and delivered in a travel and/or storage sturdy hatbox, ideal to be taken places without it being smashed or damaged. Also, by doing so, The Hip Hat walks the talk on sustainability by reducing waste on the shipping process. 

There's no denying the staying power of the toquilla straw hat. The Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is a spring and a summer closet staple not just for its unapologetic style, but also for its inherent practicality.

The Panama Hat by The Hip Hat is begging for a vacation, would you bring it along with you? 

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