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How to wear Panama Hats all year round

Can you wear Toquilla Straw, or Panama Hats, during the winter? 

The idea that Panama Hats are summer accessories is partially accurate and partially amiss! Panama Hats are thought-out to be seasonal accessories, but they certainly do not need to be. Panama Hats are year-round must-have headwear accessories. In other words, you can and should wear Panama Hats all year round! 

With their fine straw, their tight weave, their sturdy construction, and their refined and classy styles, Panama Hats are one of the most elegant, beautiful, and versatile accessories one can wear appropriately during every season.

An original Panama Hat will surely be a hit regardless of your style and whichever look you want to accent.

Warmer and sunnier months are an easier time of the year to incorporate an original Panama Hat into one's attire and everyday looks. For instance, ladies can pair their original Panama Hat with a dress, they can wear it with a skirt and top, they can impeccably accessorize their pants and blouse look, they can sharpen their basic jeans and a cool tee outfit just by adding an original Panama Hat to their ensemble. Wearing shorts and a tank top? Awesome! Just add to your ensemble an original Panama Hat to accentuate your style. 

Conversely, men can also easily incorporate an original Panama Hat with any look and outfit, be it casual, smart, or even elegant. Try swapping your regular weekend cap with an original Panama Hat and voila! 

The trickier original Panama Hat styling affair comes to play during the colder months. Is it even acceptable to wear a Panama Hat during the colder months? The answer is, absolutely it is! 

If fashion has taught us something is that - fortunately - there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to having a personal style, accessorizing, and being oneself through trends. 

There are countless ways to incorporate an original Panama Hat into your cold-weather wardrobe, whether your style is classic, elegant, or even if you have an eclectic sense of fashion.

Autumn is the perfect season to wear any original Panama Hat. The days are crisp, the sun is out and colors shine everywhere. Your original Panama Hat will not only be an accessory to your clothes but will be the perfect addition to the ambiance and the setting. 

Creative and fashion-forward minds can see how pairing a straw hat with a blazer, jacket, vest, scarf, or even a more formal attire can look particularly fashionable, sharp, and fabulous during chillier days. 

Original Panama Hats are handwoven with lightweight toquilla palm straw. The weave in original Panama Hats is particularly tight, and the material is thick enough to allow this type of straw hat to be significant when keeping your head and face protected from the sun in both the summer and winter months while adding a chic touch to your attire. 

In addition, during the warmer and humid months, the straw hat weave permits the air and winds to pass through making original Panama Hats particularly comfortable to wear in the heat while protecting your skin from the effects caused by sun exposure. 

The Hip Hat wants you to be fashionably adventurous and think outside the box. Panama Hats are a unique and fabulous accessory to be worn all year round. They are timeless, genderless, and seasonless. 

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