Let's talk about HAT SIZING The Hip Hat

Let's talk about HAT SIZING

Hat sizing matters and we are not talking about what size is a one size fits all hat!

We all know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that is simply amazing! The Hip Hat is all about diversity, even when it comes to different head sizes. 

Here at The Hip Hat, we understand that when shopping for a hat, finding the perfect size can be a bit tricky, confusing, or even daunting. This perplexity can sometimes result in us not buying that special Panama Hat that we were searching for and finally found at The Hip Hat (a nod to us, of course!). 

Even though our shop offers a link especially dedicated to Hat Sizing, we decided it would be even better to write a blog entry about the importance of hat sizing when purchasing a Panama Hat. 

Having said that, and going back to the fact that people are of different sizes (and again, we are all about embracing who we are and loving ourselves), it is quite impressive that, despite that amazing diversity, people's heads are not all that different.

Nearly all adult heads have a circumference that sits somewhere within a five-inch range. That’s not a lot of variances, and that is also why hat sizes are so much more precise, at least compared to other clothing sizes such as a “size 4” dress or a “medium” shirt.

Hat sizes in the U.S. are listed by a quarter inch. The smallest fitted size generally available for adults is a 6-3/4, and the largest is an 8-1/8. A “one size fits most” hat is usually around a 7-1/8 or 7-3/4, which would represent six different sizes in The Hip Hat sizing chart. That is the reason why every little bit matters in hat sizing, at least for us!

We want to give you a few tips and tricks when ordering your Panama Hat by The Hip Hat. Depending on how you like to wear a hat and remember, there is no right or wrong way to wear one. For instance, if you are not one hundred percent sure about the tightness of the fit, you can consider ordering a size larger than would correspond to your head's measurement.

It is important to keep in mind that all Panama Hats, at least authentic Panama Hats, are made with natural toquilla straw. Due to its nature, a little shrinkage can be possible. For example, if you are a size 59 (L), you will order a size 60 (XL).

If you are particularly sweaty or get hot easily, and if you will be using your hat in hot and humid environments, adding a little more room can always be a good idea.

You might feel tempted to simply read the size label of an older hat you own and like to wear, for example, a baseball cap. As appealing as it sounds, this idea can be misleading when ordering your own Panama Hat. It is important to keep in mind an essential issue about authentic Panama Hats: they are handmade and do not follow the sizing measurements exactly as other hat manufacturers. This is why The Hip Hat has provided a very detailed hat sizing chart. So take your time, measure your head, write it down if you need it, and happy Panama Hat shopping!

p.s. if you still have trouble deciding, shoot us an email and we will gladly walk you through the measuring process.  

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