Buy the original Panama Hat at The Hip Hat The Hip Hat

Buy the original Panama Hat at The Hip Hat

Buy the original Panama Hat at The Hip Hat

Panama Hats are wonderful toquilla straw hats tightly handwoven by extremely expert artisans in Ecuador using only natural and sustainable toquilla straw. Toquilla straw is a renewable natural resource made from young toquilla palm fronds that are delicately harvested without harming the main tree.

If you are looking to buy one of these special Panama Hats, you are at the right place. 

The Hip Hat is here to guide you through the process to buy an authentic Panama Hat online in our shop. 

First off, make sure that you are actually looking for an authentic Panama Hat. Some sellers may call their hats "Panama Hat" when they are not. An authentic Panama Hat is made only with straw, toquilla straw to be more accurate. Always direct your attention to the information on material composition. If the hat refers to anything other than toquilla straw, you are not buying an original Panama Hat. 

Authentic Panama Hats, which are always handwoven in Ecuador, do not necessarily have a composition label on them. Authentic Panama Hats are the result of manual delicate craftsmanship and never mass-produced in an industrial setting. Authentic Panama Hats will acknowledge, in the inner sweatband, that they are original and that they are handmade in Ecuador

The Hip Hat has undertaken the introduction of the original Panama Hats - the real deal - to the American market while making it easy and affordable for our customers to purchase them. 

The Hip Hat works directly with toquilla fiber growers and skilled Panama Hat weavers in Ecuador, most of whom are women, allowing the brand to offer only authentic Panama Hats which are then brought to the US thus eliminating middlemen, brick and mortar, and commercialization high costs for our customers. 

The Hip Hat is transparent and honest with its excellent and affordable prices. Furthermore, a specialty and custom-made hatbox, appropriate for travel and storage, is included with every single Panama Hat shipped and delivered to our customers. 
If you are looking to buy an original Panama Hat in the US and are wondering where to start, please, allow us to guide you. Visit our shop! We provide you with valuable information so that you can make an educated and transparent purchase.
At The Hip Hat, customers can expect a thorough description of every Panama Hat sold on our collections while looking at images including close-up details of the weave work and toquilla straw used. The Hip Hat offers a simple and very easy-to-follow sizing guide for you to order the best Panama Hat according to your needs, and even instructions on how to take care of your hat. Customers may also access information about the process it takes to make each single Panama Hat and draw their conclusions on the amazing work behind authentic Panama Hats.
The Hip Hat allows for a complete, fun, quick, and affordable experience buying only authentic Panama Hats. 

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