Colorful Straw Hats are here to stay! The Hip Hat

Colorful Straw Hats are here to stay!

Colorful straw hats are in all the way

We all know that color is a powerful communication tool and that color hues can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. We have zero intention of going all intellectual here, but we must admit that we decided to be a little adventurous - color-wise - and add to our collection of handmade toquilla straw hats for men and women, a splash of new colors. 

Straw hats, and particularly handmade toquilla straw hats, are a great way to add style and elegance to any ensemble. We are certainly fans and admirers of the most popular, natural and white, colors for straw hats. Those two colors are, hands down, the most sought-after colors when it comes to straw hats. 

However, we have a secret to share with all of you: natural and white colors for straw hats are not the only hues out there!  Like we said, here at The Hip Hat we decided to take a leap of faith and trust that our friends are going to be smitten by these bright, vibrant colorful straw hats. 

The quality of our colorful straw hats collection is simply put: impeccable. Just like with any of our authentic toquilla straw hats in natural and white colors, with this new colorful straw hats collection, The Hip Hat, by no means sacrificed quality over fashion demeanor. On the contrary, with this colorful collection, we put additional effort into bringing a small batch of unique handmade straw hats that will certainly become a favorite accessory in anyone's wardrobe showcasing remarkable artisan work that sticks out. 

Let's use some basic imagery here: picture a casual outfit where jeans and a white blouse or shirt come to play. Now imagine that same outfit but with a colorful straw hat. Striking, isn't it? The colorful straw hats will undoubtedly add a unique, and eye-catching distinction capable of bringing any outfit to a whole new level of sophistication, elegance, and why not say it, coolness. 

Whether you're looking for something casual or formal, there are plenty of options available. Currently, at The Hip Hat, we offer the options of Terracotta, Fuchsia, Blue, and Green handmade straw hats. 

We cannot stress enough that our prices are extremely competitive compared to other hats of similar nature. We kindly not only suggest but encourage you to "shop around" for handmade straw hats originating from Ecuador, also known as Panama Hats, of equal or similar quality. Pay close attention to the sizing of the knots, pay attention to the details, and pay attention to the workmanship. We are certain that we sell a prime product at an attractive price. 

If you're looking for something fun, cutting-edge, elegant, different, sophisticated,  and unique to wear during the summer months, and why not, the rest of the year, try wearing a colorful straw hat. They come in two different styles (Classic Fedora and Calypso) and four different colors. They are perfect for any occasion.

We are here to bring to you only the best colorful straw hats in the market. Happy shopping at The Hip Hat! 

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