Can wool hats get wet?

Can wool hats get wet? 

We can not avoid rainy days, can we?  And even if we could, we would not want to miss out on the coziness and romantic ambiance created by those wet drops that now and then - for some people more often than not - fall upon us. 

We can picture you, walking around in your perfectly curated outfit which, obviously, includes a handcrafted and 100% merino wool hat by The Hip Hat, and you start to wonder, as you look for refuge from the rain drops, "Can wool hats get wet?"

Here is your straight answer: the handcrafted and 100% wool hats by The Hip Hat can get wet, they are water resistant and therefore will perform perfectly in light rain. We know! It is what you wanted to read! 

But wait, don't leave this blog post just yet because we need to give you some important tips for you to be able to take great care of your wool hat even when it gets rained on.

First off, although 100% wool hats are water-repellent, they are not waterproof. Your wool hat shouldn't get drenched to the point where it looks like it went for a swim, and was diving into the water, without floats. You get the idea, right? When we say rain, we're talking light to normal rain, or even a gentle snowfall. The nice thing about 100% wool hats, like ours, is that wool will absorb moisture and still retain the ability to insulate.

Let's move forward with the rainy day situation.

Once you and your wool hat are in a dry place, hopefully with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your hands (or beverage of your preference), we suggest that you gently shake off the excess water, and place your hat laying on a flat surface to dry slowly. You can also hang it from a coat rack, or the back of a chair. Your 100% wool hat will not shrink or stretch.

Oh, we know what you are thinking. "What if there is a heater or a chimney nearby?" Let us stop you right there! Don't be tempted to place your hat on or near direct heat as it may cause your wool hat to change its shape, and nobody wants that. Are you maybe thinking about dry-cleaning your wool hat? The answer to that is a hard no. 

Once your wool hat is completely dry you may notice a few stains from the raindrops. No problem at all. You will use steam and a soft bristle brush to successfully remove them. Cautiously grab a steamer and gently direct a flow of steam in the direction of the spot that needs to be rid of.  Use the soft bristle to work the stain with short strokes. 

We need to point out that other than being stylish, 100% wool hats do two things in colder temperatures that benefit the lucky person who wears them: they will keep a person’s head warm, and they help keep a person’s head dry. Wool’s rough surface traps heat and does not provide avenues of escape for it. Heat will remain trapped between the skin of a person’s head and the wool of the hat. Additionally, wool (the soft, fluffy fur of sheep) is an excellent insulator and can retain its insulating qualities even when wet.

Now you know, wool hats can get wet! Go ahead and shop The Hip Hat's selection of 100% handcrafted and 100% merino wool hats, including Large Brim Wool Hats, Fedora Wool Hats, Pencil Brim Wool Hats, Two-tone Wool Hats, Outback Wool Hats, and also Western Style commonly known as Cowboy/Cowgirl Wool Hats. All wool hats by The Hip Hat come in gorgeous colors and their quality is superb (at a very competitive price, too!).

Happy Shopping! 

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Hey there, author! First off, I just want to say that I stumbled upon your article about wool hats getting wet, and it was such an informative read! As someone who loves wearing hats, especially during the colder months, I’ve always wondered if my wool hats would survive a sudden downpour. Your article not only answered that question but also provided some valuable insights into the care and maintenance of these stylish accessories.

I particularly appreciated how you explained the science behind wool’s water-resistant properties. It was fascinating to learn that the natural oils present in wool help repel water, making it a suitable material for rainy days. Your emphasis on allowing the hat to air dry and gently reshaping it afterward was a great tip. I must admit, in the past, I’ve made the mistake of wringing out my wet hats, which led to them losing their shape. But thanks to your advice, I now know better!

Moreover, your suggestion of using a hat brush to remove any dirt or grime from a wet wool hat was a game-changer for me. I’ve often struggled with cleaning my hats, especially after they’ve gotten a bit dirty from outdoor adventures. The idea of using a soft brush to gently restore their original charm is brilliant. It’s these little tips and tricks that make a world of difference and truly set your article apart.

All in all, thank you for sharing your expertise on wool hats and their ability to withstand wet conditions. I’ll definitely be more confident wearing my favorite wool hats, rain or shine, and take better care of them following your advice. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to reading more of your fascinating fashion insights in the future! Cheers!

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