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Black Straw Hats

The summer season is that time of the year when we are outdoors for long hours, constantly exposed to the beauty and warmth of the sun. The summer is also that time of the year when we find ourselves in need of protecting our skin, and for that specific purpose, it is the time of the year when we shop for hats. 

Admittedly, hats are fantastic accessories. We have thoroughly covered this topic in previous blog posts. However, during the summer we seem to be more exposed to different types of straw hats. 

As we have mentioned before, not all straw hats are the same. Not all straw hats are made the same way, and not all straw hats use the same type of straw. Here at The Hip Hat, we are specialists in toquilla straw hats: the finest straw hats available in the market.

Also, we feel compelled to mention that we offer some of the finest quality toquilla straw hats in the U.S. market at extremely competitive prices. We kindly ask that you do not compare our Straw Fedoras and Straw Calypso hats prices to mass-produced straw hats sold at department stores, large retailers, or even at some clothing boutiques. On the contrary, we strongly recommend that you compare our straw hat prices to other toquilla straw hats of the same or comparable quality, that is, very tight hand-woven toquilla straw hats. We feel extremely confident when we say we have some of the best prices in the market, if not the best.

Now, and once that particular issue has been established, we want to point your attention toward colored straw hats, and specifically Black Straw Hats. Why? You might be asking yourselves. Simply because they are different, stylish, classic, unique, and astounding. 

Black straw hats - in the fashion sense of the terminology - possess that classiness that grants them to be unapologetically and elegantly flaunted both by men and women with any outfit, be it in a casual, daytime, evening, refined, or relaxed setting. The Black Straw Panama Hat will always be - in a fashion manner - contemporary, chic, stylish, and why not say it, swanky. 

From now on, when you think about straw hats, think outside the box.  As beautiful as natural straw color is for hats, sometimes other colors can be as exciting and enticing. A Black Panama Straw Hat is in for this season, and the seasons to come. From an aesthetic point of view, it is classy, sophisticated, versatile, and unique. From a practical perspective, it is light, airy, it is comfortable, it has outstanding fit, and it thoroughly protects the skin from the sun. 

The Black Straw Fedora Hat by The Hip Hat has been tightly handwoven by expert artisans in Ecuador. Additionally, it is elegantly enhanced by a black color grosgrain ribbon band, and it also sports an inner cotton sweatband.

Go ahead and shop for your Black Straw Hats with confidence at The Hip Hat! Happy shopping! 


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