Women-owned Panama Hats. Meet the women behind The Hip Hat The Hip Hat

Women-owned Panama Hats. Meet the women behind The Hip Hat

The Hip Hat: Women-Owned Panama Hats 

Hi, and thank you for being here reading our first Blog Post! 
We are beyond excited to launch this new feature in our shop and to be able to share with our customers, readers, followers, and friends short yet fun stories and information about our brand, The Hip Hat, and the unique and amazing Panama Hats we are so proud to sell.
We are Irene and Elena, sisters and business partners. We were born and raised in beautiful Ecuador and now live and have become a part of the US. We are here to introduce ourselves to our customers so that you meet the women behind The Hip Hat.
You might be asking yourself why did we decide to launch The Hip Hat. A few years back we both found ourselves on a similar personal and professional journey. With professional backgrounds in Law, Marketing, and Finance, we knew we had the tools to build a sustainable business that would allow us to share with the American market our passion for fashion.
We concluded that gorgeous Panama Hats are the perfect way to amalgam our beloved Ecuadorian origins with our present and future in a country we admire and that we now call home, the US. We want to share stunningly handcrafted Panama Hats from Ecuador with people in the US, thus offering a little piece of our hearts to those with whom we live now.
In addition to the latter, we both share a passion for the craftsmanship behind every Panama Hat, and the ecosystem surrounding this emblematic and classic accessory.
That is how The Hip Hat saw the light.
In our blogs, we will do our absolute best to share interesting and valuable information that will allow you to learn more about Panama Hats, the process necessary to produce them, the materials used, the people and artisans involved, and make educated decisions on the products you purchase. We want you to be able to trace your Panama Hat all the way to where it came from. 
The Hip Hat is a brand about human connections. We aspire to build and maintain strong relationships both with the artisans with whom we create our collections and with our customers, who ultimately enjoy those collections.
The Hip Hat is a brand that intends to provide Panama Hats that are sophisticated, high quality, and that also look and feel fantastic. We want to add value to the accessories market by offering Panama Hats that inspire. 
We hope you enjoy our shop, our limited edition Panama Hat collections, the quality, fit, and feel of our Panama Hats; and why not, from here on, our stories. 
All the best,
Irene & Elena. 

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