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Handmade and Sustainable Tote-Bags for women and for men


Handwoven and Sustainable Tote Bag

The Hip Hat is thrilled to introduce to our wonderful customers the handmade and sustainable signature Manufaktura Tote Bag which will be carried by our store in the upcoming weeks. 


These exclusive and unique Tote Bags perfectly harmonize with The Hip Hat's values. Every single handbag by the Ecuadorean signature Manufaktura brand has been handwoven by an artisan woman in the beautiful snow-capped Andes mountains, and the cotton material used to create each one of these designer handbags is sustainable as it is a textile remnant.


We can all agree that everyone appreciates fine design, and the Manufaktura Tote Bag for women and men does not disappoint. Its design is impeccable, and so is its practicality. As a result, the Manufaktura Tote handbag is a gorgeous, durable, and functional accessory that stands out individually as a unique product.


Moreover, and gearing our view towards the sustainability component of these fantastic handbags, Manufaktura tackles the traditional retail industry waste problem, where about 35% of fabric scraps end up as waste. The sustainable, eco-chic, and forward-thinking brand decided to mix things up and use high-quality cotton remnants, that in the past would have ended up in the trash, to hand-weave every beautiful handbag presented in this colorful and eclectic collection.


The hobby-turned-business brand also aims to preserve handcraft and artisan techniques strongly attached to culture, tradition, and women while ensuring fair wages for the amazing display of finesse held by each handbag. The visionary behind these sensational, chic, and unique Tote Bags for women and men found her inspiration during her travels around the world. She was looking to inspire younger generations interested in fashion by sending out a message of depths within pieces of fashion and in this case accessories. Manufaktura and The Hip Hat are brands that believe and live by the belief that fashion does not need to be cold, dry, or meaningless. Fashion can have lengths, various attributes, and "meaning beyond merely aesthetic or profit".


In this special and spectacular accessories limited edition collection, sustainable fashion meets social responsibility and exquisite attention to detail. Every handbag provides us with an opportunity to appreciate the intricate handwork using phenomenal and long-lasting material, the beauty of color combination beyond the norm, the fantasy in every handkerchief added to provide that extra "je ne sais quoi", and last but not least, the character and quality in every crossband.


By owning a Manufaktura Tote Bag, our customers will be able to own a one-of-a-kind Tote Bag for women and men. Our customers will be able to carry more than just a fashionable Tote Bag. They will be able to carry a plethora of the desired virtues in fashion we strive for with our products: uniqueness - as this is a limited capsule collection with only one piece per style-, tendency, practicality, timelessness, top quality, fancy details, social responsibility, sustainability, and women empowerment. Go ahead and enjoy your very unique Tote Bag by Manufaktura and The Hip Hat. 





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